London Hip Unit
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The London Hip Unit - leading in excellence

The London Hip Unit has a worldwide reputation for excellence as one of the UK's only dedicated private facilities for the specialist treatment and care of adults with hip problems.

We offer patients a unique service which combines surgical expertise with a full patient support team and a wide range of facilities at a single location.

Our aim is to provide absolute excellence for our patients. Working with each patient on a completely individual basis, the treatment we offer incorporates the latest medical developments and the most up-to-the minute products.

All surgery at The London Hip Unit is carried out by Miss Sarah Muirhead-Allwood BSc FRCS, one of the world's leading hip surgeons. Miss Muirhead-Allwood is particularly renowned for her expertise in complex and revision hip replacements and in minimally invasive procedures, and is one of only a handful of UK surgeons to offer this approach.

Miss Muirhead-Allwood is supported by a team of registrars, anaesthetists, nurse specialists and medical secretaries working in a clinic environment, which includes X-ray and MRI testing on site.

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Understand your hips

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint in which the top end of the thigh bone rotates in the 'socket' , a natural hollow in the pelvic bone. The ends of the bones are cushioned by cartilage and lubricated by a naturally produced fluid.
The hip

Patient support

A highly dedicated team of professionals at the London Hip Unit offer patients a unique level of support and advice, from information about their surgery to suggestions about how to manage at home.

Hip Surgery

Miss Muirhead-Allwood is renowned for her expertise in the three main types of hip surgery.