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The London Hip Unit

Miss Muirhead Allwood at The London Hip Unit is recognised worldwide as a leader in excellence for the treatment of hip problems. As the first of the UK's still few dedicated private clinics specialising in hip surgery, we aim to provide the optimal combination of established techniques, cutting edge medical science and state-of-the-art products.


The London Hip Unit was established in 2002 by internationally renowned specialist hip surgeon Miss Sarah Muirhead-Allwood BSc FRCS with the specific aim of providing a fully supported service offering the best possible treatment and lifelong follow-up for adults with hip problems.


Miss Muirhead-Allwood has worked for 30 years as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon but has specialised exclusively in hip surgery for over 25 years. She now only performs primary and revision hip replacements and hip resurfacings, and is particularly well-known for developing minimally invasive procedures.


Each patient is treated on a completely individual basis according to their particular needs. Miss Muirhead-Allwood works on a philosophy that ''one size does not fit all'' and she selects the prosthesis (artificial joint or parts of joint) for each patient specifically to suit the individual's anatomy and activity levels.

Supporting our patients

Miss Muirhead-Allwood is supported by a highly dedicated team of nurse specialists, doctors and office personnel committed to the well-being and safety of the London Hip Unit's patients. The nurse specialists are on hand to assess and advise patients prior to surgery, while our registrars provide round-the-clock monitoring for patients following surgery.

Located in central London, the London Hip Unit's fourth floor suite includes consulting rooms, medical examination rooms and offices. X-ray facilities and an MRI scanner are located within the same building, while other facilities, such as CT scans, are available just a few blocks away.

Patients wishing to consult Miss Muirhead-Allwood will need a referral from their GP or consultant.

Meet Miss Muirhead - Allwood


The London Hip Unit provides a wide range of facilities, including on-site X-ray and MRI imaging, alongside extensive support from its dedicated team of doctors and nurse-specialists.

Hip surgery

Miss Muirhead-Allwood is renowned for her expertise in the three main types of hip surgery.

Miss Muirhead-Allwood

All surgery at The London Hip Unit team is carried out by Miss Sarah-Muirhead-Allwood BSc FRCS, an internationally renowned specialist hip surgeon. Miss Muirhead-Allwood is supported by a team of registrars, nurse specialists and medical secretaries.