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Revision hip surgery

Revision hip surgery is carried out when a failed artificial hip joint is replaced with a new one. Although total hip replacement and hip resurfacing surgery now last much longer than previously, most artificial joints don't last forever. Hip replacements can wear out during an individual's lifetime, or become lose. In a small number of cases a hip replacement fails due to infection or a fracture.

In a revision hip replacement, one or both parts of the artificial hip joint (prosthesis) must be removed and a new prosthesis fitted. Revision hip surgery is often more complex and recovery can sometimes be slower and the scar larger than for first time hip replacements.

Revision surgery that is needed because of an infection is usually carried out in two stages. The first stage involves removal of the infected prosthesis and insertion of an antibiotic spacer for six weeks. The second stage is the insertion of a new prosthesis. Miss Muirhead-Allwood will choose a hip that is the best individual fit for each patient.

Revision surgery is considerably more complex than primary surgery and a higher level of experience and skill is required. Miss Muirhead-Allwood is internationally recognised specialist in this field. Over her career she has been instrumental in developing successful systems and techniques for revision surgery and continues to lecture worldwide on this subject. The London Hip Unit is a tertiary referral centre for patient's requiring complex revision surgery.

A worn hip replacement that requires revision
Hip resurfacing
Total hip replacement

Miss Muirhead-Allwood

All surgery at The London Hip Unit team is carried out by Miss Sarah-Muirhead-Allwood BSc FRCS, an internationally renowned specialist hip surgeon. Miss Muirhead-Allwood is supported by a team of registrars, nurse specialists and medical secretaries.

Hip surgery

Miss Muirhead-Allwood is renowned for her expertise in the three main types of hip surgery.