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Hip surgery

All treatments for hip problems aim to provide pain relief and an increased range of movement and mobility, with the hope of assisting a better quality of life.

Hip surgery is generally considered when someone is experiencing pain and/or stiffness that is affecting their work or recreation, and which is no longer responding to treatment with anti-inflammatory medication, physiotherapy or the use of walking aids.

Surgery is now considered an earlier option than in past years because advances in materials and surgical techniques are now likely to provide longer lasting benefits.

Surgery at the London Hip Unit

We have many years experience as a highly specialised facility for hip surgery offering expert individual treatment, care and advice for adults with hip problems. Our aim is to provide the best possible combination of established techniques and cutting edge medical advances.

Picture of Miss SK Muirhead-Allwood All surgery at the London Hip Unit is carried out by Miss Sarah Muirhead-Allwood BSc FRCS, a world-renowned specialist hip surgeon. Miss Muirhead-Allwood is particularly well known for her expertise in minimally invasive procedures and is one of only a limited number of UK surgeons to use this approach.

There are different types of hip surgery; the surgical focus at the London Hip Unit is on joint replacement and resurfacing procedures with a wide range of prostheses (artificial joints or parts of joints) available.

Miss Muirhead-Allwood will discuss all the options with you and the final choice of treatment will depend on your age, level of activity, the condition of your bones and the anatomy of your hip. Miss Muirhead-Allwood's philosophy is that "one size does not fit all" and she will choose your prosthesis on an entirely individual basis.

Hip surgery is a major surgical procedure and all major surgery carries risks. It is very important to be aware of the risks and these will be discussed with you. However, the benefits of hip surgery generally far outweigh the risks. Tens of thousands of hip operations are carried out each year without complications.

Complications and risks of surgery

Different types of hip surgery

The London Hip Unit specialises in the three main types of hip surgery:

Total hip replacement

Total replacement of an arthritic or damaged joint with an artificial joint (prosthesis).


A relatively new procedure in which the femoral head (the ball) is resurfaced rather than the entire head of the thighbone being replaced

Revision hip replacement

Replacement of a failed artificial hip joint

Miss Muirhead-Allwood

All surgery at The London Hip Unit team is carried out by Miss Sarah-Muirhead-Allwood BSc FRCS, an internationally renowned specialist hip surgeon. Miss Muirhead-Allwood is supported by a team of registrars, nurse specialists and medical secretaries.

Hip surgery

Miss Muirhead-Allwood is renowned for her expertise in the three main types of hip surgery.